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  1. Hello everyone! Introducing our GvG Tournament for the High Five x15 Server. Winners: 1st Place - 200 Euro. 2nd Place - 1500 Supreme Coin. 3rd Place - 500 Supreme Coin. All Participants teams will get 200 Supreme Coin The tournament will take place on Monday 28 December starting at 22:00 GMT+2 Registration is open until Monday 28 December 12:00 Midday Tournament Rules: Alt+B (Only on start of the match) and Self buff allowed only. Clan Level 5 No Clan Skills. 5 Blessed Resurrection scrolls allowed for each round. Talismans allowed. 2 Healers allowed per group. 1 Elder allowed per group. 2 Tanks per group allowed. 1 Overlord per group allowed. Disconnecting during a match is your own responsibility. Before every match skills will be refreshed. Transformations not allowed. No Gear Limitations. No Hero Skills/Weapons allowed. All matches will be single elimination beside Finals which will be best of 3. Registration: Group leader should leave a comment on this topic with required informations. Leader Nick: Group Name:
  2. Tha'ts because they come from town with sos / ape / final secret / active augment pvp p.att Also they have olf + 10 / Core + Refined core which give 14% P.att which in live server they will not have.
  3. We will check them and we will do what's best for have good balance on server thanks for feedback
  4. Rate of Epaulettes is x5 - We increased it
  5. Its up to him to do w.e he pleases
  6. test it out tomorrow i made an update
  7. then please go log to rpg-club and play olympiad to check it out
  8. But that's how NCSOFT made it. And Prolly you did not played a Serious server because all those that are saying you including me that u are mistaken , played on serious servers and alot of them. Just need to understand it. I literally showed you a video from Offical Server where you can see and understand. It is the same here. Please check it again.
  9. Man i am explain you for the 10th time , Is not a GEO-DATA thing is a Feature which in Reatail don't exist. This Feature is called Path-Finding. Which means that when u click a skill and character is behind a wall or an object your character will automaticly find a way to go to the enemy and make that skill. In retail this does not exist. U have to click to move towards ur enemy. This is the game man and i am not the only one here trying to say you that. This is just how it is.
  10. I would like if u can test the Farming in server and lemme know ur feedback
  11. Prolly u haven't played on a good server lately.
  12. It is working just don't be closer to the wall or gate.
  13. Well we made it like this for purpose not because we cant make or something. AutoAttack follow is not a thing in PTS u need to click around the obstacles to be able to not have objects infornt of u its how it is supposed to be. First time i hear about this vengance issue. But u need have enemy closer to you to use vengeance and work. Prolly ur using it wrong
  14. 1: Buffs from where? From Buff Store or ALT+B they are 2 Hours , From players are retail time. 2: About Cubics they have 20 Minutes stay as it is supposed to be.
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