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  1. funny cuz this ppl already played 10 server with me never complain you rised dog... go away
  2. tell me what kinda of unlegit thing that you saw in my clan?dude.. you trying to do what here?it won't work cuz ppl that follow and play with me know that i'm fair.. be more straight and show facts when you come to talk bullsh1ts here
  3. dog i won't give you attention ok?ask your parents for attention this is not my job
  4. i play how long server surviver and you random dog... go back to your dog kinkov and gtfo already
  5. I'm proud to announce that Pretorians Clan is coming to this server. I believe that we will be one of the strongest or even the strongest side on the server. We are not afraid of struggling and grinding to the top of the leaderboard. Pretorians is a very well known clan in Europe, we dominate almost every server! Our clan is a very organized and competitive, we don't want zerg, we are looking to play quality pvp and organized setups. So if you guys are interested to know how our clan work you can add Skype:je.fer.son2006@ or discord Enchantress#9394 For More Info!!
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