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  1. Core and orfen are epics, fights for them in a serious server will never stop ! Yes their retail stats in interude arent the most wanted in the game in comparison with baium, aq, antharas, tezza, valakas but thats the point too... It must be an progressive step to everything! Giving extra stats to them will not make the players fight more ot stay longer in the server... Tezza for example is a 48h instance with more rewards overall..all people can fight for it so often... People who intend to play in a good server with good interlude files wont be amused from customs like that... Furthermore the fixed hours to the respawn of the epics is a reason on its own for mass pvp an never getting bored... The best for me who love retail interlude servers is not to apply refined on these 2 epics...but u can easily make them 80 lvl so there will also always be mass pvp to them for people with high lvls and great equipment that means they will need to play to get...
  2. Remove custom on core and orfen jewels...we are looking to play in mid rate server with retail stats and we can not find one...dont ruin the server with custom items...remove them, it would be better for the game and its progress
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